About Us

Dave Lubelczyk: President

Known as the “Brain For Rent“, Dave is a one-man think-tank who converts obstacles into actions. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs, management teams, and business owners get unstuck.

By extracting solid timely action items out of the conceptual chaos and options that swirl around in the heads of leadership, Dave steers the business towards success and growth.

Dave is a branding columnist, business author, brand strategist, idea incubation consultant, and President of IMAGEidentity, LTD.

For twenty five years, he has provided creative and consulting services to large corporations, non-profit organizations, and small start-up companies.

Dave is known for using his own unique blend of organizational development, brand incubation, and no-nonsense common sense to grow his clients’ businesses.

Dave’s book, MYOB: mind your own brand is a collection of articles designed to make the reader think differently about their brand.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Bryant University, and has completed several advertising design courses at Rhode Island School of Design.

Project Teams

IMAGEidentity is a virtual firm which builds unique teams based on the scope of the assignment. Unlike firms that rely solely on the staff at hand, we call upon our extensive network of expert professionals. By leveraging our resources and strategic partnerships, we are able to handle any specific client need by assembling the ideal team for a project.