Brain For Rent

Stumped, Stuck, or Swirling?

Whether you need to reinvent your brand, rebuild your business, or incubate a concept Dave Lubelczyk the Brain For Rent can triage what to do first and develop an action plan.

Dave’s 90-minute think-tank sessions will get you unstuck and extract solid action items out of the chaos that is swirling around in your head.


  • Explore opportunities …decide what to do first
  • Analyze issues…develop action plan


  • Confront your conviction… pressure test ideas
  • Extract brutal honesty… test commitment to plan


  • Inspire new thinking…reinvent your brand
  • Rescue stalled ideas…rebuild your business


  • Expand current brainchild…incubate your new business concept
  • Create stronger business model…define your strategic position


  • Tear down limits…retool your company
  • Break stale thinking…redesign your service
  • Crack flawed concept…rethink your product


  • Expand possibilities…forge new ways to acquire customers
  • Stimulate opportunities.…generate new business prospects