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Advisor Tribes

A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea.”

– Seth Godin

As an entrepreneur do you sometimes feel isolated and alone running your business?

Then the Advisor Tribe program was designed for you. This program allows members to share their experience, learn from each other, provide support, and create opportunities for members.

Each Advisor Tribe consists of six business professionals that are individually curated to leverage the maximum impact a member has on furthering the other members’ business.

During the weekly 60 minute video brainstorming sessions members will explore a variety of business topics based on the specific needs of the tribe.

The weekly takeaway is a clear set of action items that each member can immediately implement in their business.

The overall result of the program is to strengthen the member’s business strategy by maximizing the finite resources of time and money while expanding the networking and support ecosystem surrounding their business.

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Idea Turbine

Have an Idea for an Invention and Need to Incubate the Concept?

We take inventors from being that person with a crazy idea to a business person with a product that someone can buy.


  • Explore concept …decide what to do first
  • Analyze issues…develop action plan


  • Confront your conviction… pressure your test idea
  • Expose flaws in the product…refine your invention
  • Extract brutal honesty… test commitment to moving forward


  • Expand your brainchild…incubate your opportunities
  • Create stronger business model…define your strategic position