What they are saying about Dave and his teams…

“Dave will go out of his way to make sure things are the way they should be. His attention to detail and his gracious attitude make him the perfect business partner.”
Jerry Ross, Director of Client Relations, CommunityLink

“I had been struggling with my message for a couple of years, trying to figure out how to tell people what I do. Dave was able to provide me with an outsiders view, and after less then 90 minutes, he was able to show me how to provide a clear message, and build on it.”
Richard Austin, Public Speaking Training and Consulting

“Dave’s process is incredibly comprehensive, which led to immense value for us. The session clarified many gray areas and helped us to direct our energy accordingly.”
Sonja J. Sheasley, President of Bum Boosa Bamboo Products

“Dave makes complex and profound concepts simple and easy to act on.”
John Kevorkian, Owner, Sprout RI

” I am always seeking creative ideas to build my business. For 1.5 hours, from the comfort of my HOME office, Dave and I talked about my business challenges and came up with several creative ideas to expand Shorr Style’s brand. For the work-from-home parent, SKYPE was a very focused and productive format. If you are looking for someone to help you brainstorm ideas to grow your business but have a tricky time scheduling meetings, engage Dave via SKYPE! You will be glad you did!”
Lisa Shorr, Image Consultant & Professional Development Specialist, Shorr Style

“I would highly recommend Dave if your ever “stuck” in moving ahead with your business. Dave is very intuitive and can take the most complex of problems and drill it down to a very simple solution. If you’re looking to take your business and concepts to the next level, Dave is a great resource. You won’t be disappointed.”
Ernie Pitochelli, Business Advisor, VIPCO Advisors, Inc.

“Dave gave me the confidence and clarity to make my ideas happen.”
Kristen Yngve, Owner, VAXA Creative

“Dave has an uncanny ability to identify future opportunities and trends. His insights lead my business where it needed to go.”
Sheila Oliver, WordPress Trainer

“Every time we meet with Dave he gives us new important things to think about and act upon.”
The United Regional Chamber of Commerce

“Dave’s two cents is worth two hundred dollars.”
Rick Lataille, Owner, WRIK Entertainment

“I was amazed by his ability to think outside the box. In just 90 minutes Dave helped me define a clearer vision for my restaurant.  His help has not only earned my respect, but has helped me get my business up and running.”
John Cullen, Owner, Johnny’s Hometown Diner